National Intergovernmental Audit Forum

Darreisha M. Bates, or 202-512-4233

Regional Audit Forums

Each regional audit forum has an Executive Director responsible for the day to day operations and working with the respective Executive Committee to plan the regular forum meetings. The Executive Directors and their forums are listed below.

Ophelia Robinson

441 G Street NW
Room 7814
Washington, DC 20548

Mid-Atlantic IAF
New England IAF
New York/New Jersey IAF

Luis Escalante, Jr.

1999 Bryan Street
Suite 2200
Dallas, TX 75201

Mid-America IAF
Midwestern IAF
Southeastern IAF
Southwest IAF

Nathaniel O’Brien

1301 Clay Street
Suite 1000S
Oakland, CA 94612

Mountain and Plains IAF
Pacific Northwest IAF
Western IAF

Other Inquiries

For other inquiries or general inquiries not about a specific forum, please send an email to