MPIAF Executive Committee

Steve Gaty
Assistant Director, Field Operations
U.S. Government Accountability Office
1244 Speer Blvd., Suite 800
Denver, CO 80204
(303) 572-7450

Federal Representative
Patrick Tobo
Audit Manager
U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security – OIG
Denver Federal Center
Building 25, Suite 2600
Denver, CO 80225
(303) 236-2877

Federal Representative
Lisa Hansen
Vice President of Governance and Policy
Western Area Power Administration
Department of Energy
12155 W. Alameda Pkwy.
Lakewood, CO 80228
(720) 962-7513

State Representative
Pam Robinson, CPA
Public Funds Administrator
Wyoming Department of Audit
122 W. 25th St.
Cheyenne, WY 82002
(307) 777-7798

State Representative
Monica Bowers
Deputy State Auditor
Colorado Office of the State Auditor
1525 Sherman St., 7th Floor
Denver, CO 80203

State Representative
Nick Purse, JD, CIA
Performance Audit Manager
Utah Office of the State Auditor
Utah State Capitol Complex
East Office Building, Suite E310
P.O. Box 142310
Salt Lake City, UT 84111-2310
(801) 538-1338

Local Representative
Jacqueline “Jackie” Rowland
Assistant City Auditor
City of Colorado Springs
107 North Nevada Ave., Suite 200
Colorado Springs, CO 80901-1575
(719) 385-5696

Local Representative
Timothy O’Brien
City Auditor
City and County of Denver
201 W. Colfax Ave., Dept. 705
Denver, CO 80202
(720) 913-5010

Public Accounting Representative
Christopher J. Telli
Partner, BKD LLP
111 S. Tejon Street, Suite 800
Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Executive Director
Jenny Wong                                                                                                                                         1301 Clay St. Suite 170N
Oakland, CA 94612