MPIAF 2019 Summer Meeting

Denver, Colorado

Meeting Materials

Speaker Presentations

August 21

  • Keynote Presentation: Using Law Enforcement Interviewing Techniques to Improve Your Interviewing Skills (Hoover)*
  • Session 2: 2018 Yellow Book Update (Dalkin)
  • Session 3: Ethics and Civility (Quiner)
  • Session 4: Scoping and Determining Objectives (Etzel+, Collier+, and Rowland)
  • Session 5: Auditing Agreements Between Public and Private Entities: Challenges and Considerations for an Evolving Audit Environment (Montano, Eppstein, and Barnes)
  • Session 6: Risk Assessment (Simmons)
  • Session 7: Preventing and Detecting Fraud: A Law Enforcement Perspective (McCardell and Halvorson)

August 22

  • Session 8: What We Learned–Key Takeaways from the 2018 Ransomware Attack on Colorado Department of Transportation (Blyth and Willis)
  • Session 9: Crucial Conversations (Hubbard)
  • Session 10: Jail Safety: Using Mixed Methods to Audit A Changing Environment (Gallaher, Finke, and Perischitte)
  • Session 11: Blockchain Technology – An Introduction for Auditors (Evans and Pope)
  • Session 12: Modernizing our Message: Effectively Communicating Audit Findings (Logan and Etzel)
  • Session 13: Speed of Trust (Pettersen)+

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25th Biennial Forum Event

May 14 – 15, 2024

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