22nd Biennial Forum of Government Auditors

2018 | Colorado Springs, Colorado

Meeting Materials

Speaker Presentations

  • Session 2: Current Trends in Technology: Cybersecurity, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (Persons)
  • Session 3A: Auditing Medicaid: Opportunities and Challenges (Jarmon/Memmott)
  • Session 3B: Critical Thinking: Problem-Solving Skills for Auditors (Cambell)
  • Session 4A: Large Scope Audits (Thompson)
  • Session 4B: Innovative Data Analytics (Freeman/Gallaher/Persichitte)
  • Session 5A: Auditing Disaster Relief and Recovery Efforts (Currie/Atkinson/Wilks)
  • Session 5B: Security Auditing in an Unsecure World—Things Auditors Should Know (Gamache/Rickard)
  • Session 6: Behavioral Ethics for Auditors (Lager)
  • Session 7: Opportunities in an Evolving Audit Environment (Ray)
  • Session 8: Current Issues in Cybersecurity (Plantenga)
  • Session 9: Transformational Initiatives in Oversight and High Profile Audits (Horowitz)
  • Session 10: USAFacts: Government by the Numbers (Ballmer)
  • Session 11: Economic Report: What Lies Ahead for Auditors (Romine)
  • Session 12: Auditing for Governing: The People We Serve (Elving)
  • Session 13: Ethics for Auditors (Noble)

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25th Biennial Forum Event

May 14 – 15, 2024

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