MPIAF 2017 Summer Meeting

Denver, Colorado

Meeting Materials

Speaker Presentations

August 11

  • Session 1 :  The Stat Model:  Improving Risk Management in Operations (Johnson)*
  • Session 2:  Keeping the Lights On:  A Perspective on Cybersecurity Threats and Mitigation (Lindell)
  • Session 3:  Auditing Cybersecurity Through Risk Management (Marinos)
  • Session 4:  Keynote – Colorado State Auditor (Ray)
  • Session 5:  Followership (Gregory)*
  • Session 6:  Data Analytics and Improper Payments (Purse)
  • Session 7:  Five Moral Theories – Ethics for Work (Passaglia)
  • Session 8:  Challenges Facing the Inspector General Community (Tighe/Lerner)*
  • Session 9:  Open Innovation – Public Private Partnerships (Stetson)
  • Session 10:  Evaluating Audit Performance (Barber/Rowland/Johnson/Wiseman)
  • Session 11:  Improving Team Dynamics – Learning Communication and Conflict Resolution Skills (Dougherty)
  • Session: Challenges for Auditors in Access to Information  (Garcia/Freeman/Owens)*
  • Session: Risk Informed Work Planning – Identifying the Unknown Unknowns at DHS (Lu)

*Slides not used or not approved for posting.

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