MAMIAF 2017 Winter Meeting

Meeting Materials

Speaker Presentations

  • [Session 1] Performance Measures:  Not Just for Auditees (Jones)
  • [Session 2] Keynote:  The World of the Government Auditor – Trends, Challenges and Triumphs (Barrett, Greene)
  • [Session 3] Blueprint for Success:  Core Competencies for Auditors (Frank)
  • [Session 4] Business Meeting (Jones)*
  • [Session 5] Auditing and Cybersecurity (Bryant)
  • [Session 6] Yellow Book Exposure Draft 2017 (Dalkin)
  • [Session 7] High Impact Audits
    • HUD’s Insured Nursing Home Program (Thomas)
    • Comparing the Merits of Lease and Bond Options for Replacing the Lansing Correctional Facility (Flanders)
    • Bike KC Inadequate to Achieve City Goals (Lecuyer)
  • [Session 8]  Peer Review – Single Audit Quality Factors (Mayes)
  • [Session 9] Enterprise Risk Management (Pianta)
  • [Session 10] Risk Assessment – A Tool to Identify High Risk/High Value Audits (Kleffner)
  • [Session 11]  Software Applications for Richer Performance Analysis (Milakhina, Rueschhoff)

*Slides not used, not provided or not approved for posting.

25th Biennial Forum Event

May 14 – 15, 2024

More Details Soon!