PNIAF 2018 Spring Meeting

Victoria, British Columbia

Meeting Materials

Speaker Presentations

  • Session 1: Auditing in a Changing Environment (No Slides)
  • Session 2: Auditing and Gender (LeppGodtland)
  • Session 3: Climate Change and Environmental Auditing (GomezGomez SourcesOlthuis)
  • Session 4: Auditing Broad Issues (Rose, Thompson)
  • Session 5: Marijuana Audits
  • Session 6: Real-Time and Prospective Auditing (KonopaskiEvans)
  • Session 7: Identifying Costs and Government Spending (Castator, Abercrombie, Kopcho)
  • Session 8: Identifying High Risk Audits (Linus Li)
  • Concurrent Sessions #1:
    • Session A: Leveraging Mapping Software for Spatial Analysis (GIS) (ThomasSmith)
    • Session B: Building Indigenous Relations (Giles, Monchak)
    • Session C: Directing Your Own Development for Newer Auditors (No Slides)
  • Concurrent Sessions #2:
    • Session A: Identifying Fraud, Waste and Abuse in a Changing Environment (No Slides)
    • Session B: Advancing Skills Beyond the Standards (No Slides)
    • Session C: Managers’ Roundtable (No Slides)
  • Session 9: Organizational Culture and Change Management (Rede, Brinkley)
  • Session 10: IT Audits (Clark, Thedy)
  • Session 11: Engaging Internal and External Stakeholders for Audit Data (Thompson, Giles)
  • Session 12: Improving Capital Project Outcomes (March, Bowers)
  • Session 13: Creative Ways to Package Your Audit (Awaiting presentation from speaker)

25th Biennial Forum Event

May 14 – 15, 2024

More Details Soon!