WIAF 2018 Fall Meeting

San Diego, California

Meeting Materials

Speaker Presentations

Wednesday, September 5

  • Critical Questions for Technological Changes (Pattillo)
  • Auditing Mental Health Programs Requires Unique Approaches (HowleLocke)
  • Conflict Management and Negotiation Skills for Auditors (Civitate)
  • Homelessness—The Problem, Programs, and Oversight Challenges and Opportunities (Carlson/Chavez/Itoga*/Jones/Kohler)
  • Homelessness Audit (Genz/Hart)
  • Cannabis: How Does It Impact the Auditor Role? (Koski/McPherson)
  • Auditing the Police…In Their Element (Phillips)
  • Understanding Unconscious Bias: What It Is and Why It Matters (Diosomito)
  • You’ve Got a Fraud Hotline…Now What? (Ahrary/Flaherty)
  • Data Matters: Making the Most of Data (Ho/Scoggin/Yakus)

Thursday, September 6

  • Transformational Initiatives in Oversight and High Profile Audits (Horowitz)
  • Cybersecurity Auditing: Why It’s More Important Than Ever (Gamache)

25th Biennial Forum Event

May 14 – 15, 2024

More Details Soon!