20th Biennial Forum of Government Auditors

2014 | Denver, Colorado

Meeting Materials

Speaker Presentations

Wednesday, August 20th

  • Keynote Presentation: Anticipating and Meeting Accountability Challenges in 2014 and Beyond
    Gene L. Dodaro, Comptroller General of the United States
  • Societal Change–The Social is Political: New Technology Changes Policymaking and Elections in 2014
    Ron Elving, National Public Radio
  • Analytical Tools: Lessons Learned in Reviewing Procurement Integrity Controls
    Thomas Caulfield, CIGIE Training Institute
  • Analytical Tools: What Auditors Need to Know About Big Data
    Della Whorton, Recovery Accountability & Transparency Boards
    Doug Bausch, Federal Emergency Management Agency
    John Buyce, Office of the New York State Comptroller
  • Transformation: Audit Offices of the Future
    Saskia Stuiveling, President, Netherlands Court of Audit
    Kip Memmott, City and County of Denver
    Timothy Persons, U.S. GAO
    Dianne E. Ray, Colorado State Auditor
    Charles Young, U.S. GAO

Thursday, August 21st

  • NIAF 2014-2020 Strategic Plan Ratification
    Gary Blackmer, Co-Chair, NIAF Strategic Plan Task Force
  • Audit Challenges: Overcoming Barriers to Information Access
    Cathleen Berrick, U.S. GAO
    J. Anthony Ogden, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
  • Professional Standards, Update on the Green, Yellow and Red Books
    Jim Dalkin, U.S. GAO
    Beryl Davis and Eric Holbrook, U.S. GAO
  • Human Capital: Making Your Organization the Best Place to Work
    Max Stier, Partnership for Public Service
  • Risk Management: The Changing Nature of Enterprise Risk
    Jeanette Franzel, Public Company Accounting Oversight Board
    James Pelletier, The Institute of Internal Auditors
  • OMB Grant Reform: Implementation Issues
    Gil Tran, Office of Management and Budget
  • Reflections on a Career in Public Service and Government Accountability
    Dennis J. Gallagher, Auditor, City and County of Denver

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